Monday, September 14, 2009

New/Old Table

So I had a medium stained table in my dining room next to my dark stained kitchen.
It was always a bit off, but since it was a hand-me-down table we were thankful.

Philip cleaned his guns on the table without much protection and ended up ruining the finish.
That was all the umph I needed to refinish it.
I wanted it black (to match our granite) with stainless steel crackle.

Well... Philip and I built our house 2 years ago, and I painted the whole thing.
Now that may not sound like much but think ceilings, walls, molding, trim and think 4-6 coats of each AFTER they are primed.
Yea all that's too fresh for me to enjoy painting again any time soon.

So I struck a deal with Philip and he refinished the table. [after 2 weeks of dragging his feet,distracting me, and eating standing up or at the bar]

Did I mention that my husband has no appreciation for my painting experience so he took none of my painting tips?
Haha, thats alright though. It's a table, and if you don't look closely it's BEAUTIFUL!

The crackle he picked out looks more like leather, and the brush strokes from the paint kind of show through. So he decided to rub the glaze on with a roller brush, which also shows through.
I'm telling you once he has a process in his head. That's it.

I thank him very much for sparing me a painting job, and he did make our table look better than it did before!
This was the table before. [I didn't think to take a picture of it until he'd just started sanding it.]
[after]He did the wooden panels on the chairs too.
Gracie [our Labradoodle] loves the color!

Sweet! I'm thinking of getting some window treatments for my dining room windows. Of course I'll just do white sheers because I LOVE sunlight and I hate shutting it out with drapes.
I also have a wall plan for a small picture wall on the far right wall.

It's all down the road.
On the 34582475934 long list of things to do.

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