Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm no TV junkie, buuutt....

I've been so crazy busy, you don't even know.
You could say I've been working from home--but boy let me tell you THAT'S tough.
Due to my demanding and highmaintence daughter, the only work time I have is nap time and bed time. All other time is all Adeline time all the time, which is a job in itself.
So I've been [gasp] staying up late.
People I'm talkin' about MIDNIGHT late.
[Keep in mind I usually can't function without at least 7 hours of sleep so my normal bedtime was about 9:15.]

Yea so we officially have a booth Southdown Marketplace. If you're unaware this is a local market place taking place in the fall and spring where crafters and artists rent out booths to sell their things.
I just found out about a week ago we have one so we've been busting it trying to get enough to sell.
I sure hope this goes well.
Because with out a babysitter, extra money, and extra hands this is really proving to be a huge project that I'm not sure of the outcome.

Either way I'm going to go ahead and admit that I'm not a tv person.
Okay I'm really not/shouldn't be.
I never sit down long enough to really watch anything.
I don't have time for it.
It's generally no good for me.
Since I've been a Stay at Home Mommy for 8 months now, I've acquired some guilty pleasures.

Of course I have to watch Days of Our Lives everyday at 1.
This one I usually don't miss. This is my first dose of tv every day, and it's so juicy I can't help it.

Then of course we can't miss ELLEN, although I generally miss Ellen.
She comes on at 3 now, and 3 just doesn't work for me. By then I have a cranky child, dinner to cook, laundry to fold, and floors to vacuum again and again because I never stop vacuuming Labradoodle hair---wait, I was talking about Ellen. I do love her show.

The rest of my favorites are prime time goodies, which lately I really can't bare the thought of missing.




and then I'm done.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I cut myself off.
Not that I need the shows or can't miss them, but I truly enjoy being able to just sit on the couch and not do anything but stare. Although, lately even that doesn't happen. {i.e laundry, cutting paper, sanding, gluing, painting etc}

Just thought I'd share, since it's horribly pathetic that it's 7am and I have 0943425038 things to do, and I'm mainly looking forward to Days at 1. Then maybe I can only do 4 things at once instead of 10.

Have a great week people, we're in for a cold weekend this coming weekend.


  1. You deserve some tv time! Can't wait to see all you made for Southdown. When is Southdown? Hopefully I can make it down for that weekend. Are you going to be selling the stuff on your etsy as well? Love your blogging and wish I had the motivation you have to get everything done! My house is screaming at me to get it painted and get things done & I just can't seem to find energy to do any of it.

  2. Southdown is November 7. Yea I've got way more stuff done that never even made it to Etsy. I'm pretty excited about it!

    and haha I have to scrape every piece of motivation I've got for my housework!!!

    Gotta go, House is on! haha