Friday, November 13, 2009

An Addie Jean Morning

A day in the life of

no wait
A morning

20 minutes of an Adeline morning.

"Did you want to take a picture of me? Because I don't think I'm going to be still. or smile. or give you any sort of good shot at all."

"In fact give me that black box you sometimes attach to your face. Yea I want it."

"I'm sorry did you not understand what I mean. Give it to me."

"Fine. I'm out of here."

"Changed my mind. Who were you kidding? You know I wasn't going anywhere. How about you hold me instead?"

" Did you just tell me 'no'?"
[ real intense screaming fit ]
" You don't want to hold me? Alright. I'll get into something I'm not supposed to. You'll come and get me."

"Come on now, give the kid a cracker. I could use some crumbs here."


  1. Girl, she is really starting to look like you! Adorable! Those eyes are so beautiful!