Saturday, December 26, 2009

Adeline's First Christmas

The first Christmas was a success.
I'd say it was more than that, but then you'd probably get bored with all of my cheesy talk and leave.
Don't go, though.
I've got a slew of equally boring pictures of my beautiful baby girl on her very first Christmas.

You've actually lucked out because my camera battery died early Christmas morning because I'm a moron and didn't think to charge it the day before.

Over the week I baked approximately 8 different recipes of cookies, homemade fudge, homemade marsh-mellows, and homemade pecan pie. My daughter has had her fill of sweets.

The  marsh-mellows were really cool, I wish I'd have taken pictures of it all. It was pretty neat.

Christmas, we're here about Christmas.

Christmas eve we dressed in our pretty blues and whopped up on last minute house cleaning for the company we were having.
All of my cousins, grandma, and family on my mom's side met at my house for our annual Christmas Eve get together.

This is my lovely grandma.

and all of my cousins and cousin in laws (?) from left to right
Jill(?) and baby Pyfer, Shawn, Cody, Tristian, Suzanne, Kriss, Malachi, Philip, Me, Adeline, Heidi, Chae, and Terry.
It was really fun to have us all together again like we used to be. I enjoyed Adeline having kids to play with too. Little Tristian is 2, and he was kind enough to allow her to play with him. It was too cute!

So we went off to bed and woke up Christmas morning to some surprises Santa left!

Most of these are presents for and from my family which we didn't open up until later, but the big guy in red dropped off this:

We've had a couple of wipe outs, but overall she's officially on the move.
[and you better look out, because this girl is fast]

Gracie was in on the action too. Not that her toys lasted more than 20 minutes.
Then my camera battery died and I missed pictures in her Christmas dress and with Philips family.

She got a bunch of sweet and thoughtful gifts, and I she has enjoyed playing with them!!

My family came back to the house Christmas evening and we had a nice Christmas dinner and gifts.

We were glad we got to spend Christmas with Pop since he's on vacation and home from Iraq. He leaves us again January 5th.

Aunt Heidi

Uncle Terry




It was an amazing first Christmas, and I wish I'd have been able to document more of all of the special moments we had. We enjoyed spending Jesus' birthday with all of the ones we loved.
Adeline got a lot of nice new toys and she's very busy playing.

Not us though.
We've been hard at work.
On our new Wii and Wii fit that is.
That puppy sure does know how to give you a good whoppin'!

I hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas.
I've got to go brush a baby doll's hair now.

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