Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've been around

but oh, I've been so busy.

Saturday I'm throwing my friend, Dawn, a bridal shower.
Decorating for this shower on a budget hasn't even been a problem!
I'll give you a sneak peak and some of my frugal but cute decorating:

P.S. Love my Cricut! <3


  1. Adorable! Green is her color? So, how do you get the templates for the Cricut? You had to individually buy all that?

  2. Yea her color is actually more like an Emerald green, but those are the greens I had on hand, lol so that's what she gets for her shower.

    Yea basically you have to buy a cartridge (on sale only) and it comes with themed templates.

    I however, can't really afford many so I borrow from fellow cricuters!

  3. Courtney, you are so talented my dear! That's adorable!