Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Awesome Things

I know this is kind of random, but when I find a product I really, really like I just feel the need to tell everyone I know. 
Doesn't happen too often, but these two things are too awesome not to share.

The first goes for all the bathroom cleaners:
I have a clear glass shower door in my master bath, and soap scum is usually ALL over it. 
I can clean it one day and two days later it is foggy and no longer transparent. 
I do clean every day, but when it comes to my shower door and shower floor, I just don't really keep up with it like I should. 
So of course it builds up and gets funky and it's hard as heck when I finally do get around to cleaning it (usually once every two weeks-- I KNOW).
I've tried many a bathroom cleaners, but THIS does the job with such ease I hardly even have to put pressure when I scrub. 
LOVE this stuff!

The second is for all of you with dogs or cats that shed incredible amounts of hair like my Labradoodle, Gracie.
I literally sweep uo enough dog hair at the end of the day for a whole other dog.
Seriously she sheds rediculously.
Someone recommended that I buy this particular brush a few years ago but I couldn't fathom spending nearly $50 on a dog brush. 
Well.... I'm getting pretty tired of sweeping dog hair every day, so I finally gave it  shot.
It was SOOO worth it!!!!!!
Gobs and gobs of her undercoat were just coming out and it has helped SOOOO much!
I recommend it to anyone with severe shedding problem!

I guess I could have taken befores and afters for ya'll--oops.
But trust me-- good buys!

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