Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bright and Fruity

Guess what I made this morning?
.... Well I originally bought this orange and white polka dot fabric for a summer dress for Adeline, but when visiting my sister a few weeks ago at Hancocks, she showed me this fruity fabric that had just come in.
She mentioned it'd be cute for an apron, so an apron is exactly what I bought it for...
Yep! I made an apron! All by myself. No pattern AND no tears. 
I'm so very proud of it! 

I just cut a large square out of the orange polka dots, added a border with the fruit fabric, then added some ruffle at the botton. Oh don't forget the fruit pockets and orange ties too. 
Super easy and it would have taken about a half hour if Adeline hadn't been fighting me for the fabric, scissors, and sewing machine pedal.

My sister will be proud because she thinks sewing with out a pattern is borderline insane, although it's usually the ONLY way I feel comfortable sewing anything. 


I think the rest of the fruit fabric would be cute for pot holders, or on a baby onesie, or even a country kitchen pillow or something. We'll see when I get a wild sewing hair again.

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