Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ladybug Ball

This weekend Southdown Plantation here in Houma held its 11th annual Ladybug Ball.
 [The Ladybug Ball is basically an outdoor event where we all witness the release of 100,001 ladybugs into the wild and usually a couple of hundred butterflies too.  There are a bunch of exhibits and face-painting, and they let the kids catch some ladybugs and bring them home to their yards--real fun.]

Last year was actually the first year we went, and I was totally giddy and excited and could hardly wait since it was my first year as a mommy and I could go to these things with a kid now!

Because you know I love a theme, I went all out in decorating my little lady bug.
 .. we strolled around, got some sun, and well she went to sleep.
Because that's what babies do, even at the ladybug ball.
How sweet are those little toes.
Oh, I could eat them up.
But yea, that was last year's lady bug ball.

This year it kind of snuck up on me.
I didn't even realized it was this weekend until Thursday, so I was frantically searching for fabric to make her a lady bugesque dress.
I found some.
I made a dress.
I messed up the dress.
and it wouldn't even fit over her head.
It took me all day and I was so frustrated that I made it too small [becauseimadumbyandidn'tthinktomakesureitdfitbeforeifinishedtheentirething]
So I went in her closet, took out a red Valentine's Day dress, and ladybugged it up.
Then I made her a little lady bug clip, and we were good to go.   
 This is what she looked like before we left the house.
[Because when we got there the clip went first, then one shoe... the next shoe, and then the leggings]
Unlike last year, the stroller didn't work out. 
I really don't even know why I tried.
Really, she ran and I chased her the entire time.
 Not even the higher view appealed to her. 
 She did, however, stop to bust a move ever now and again. 
 Can I just stop right here and say that I love baby flirting? This is Jackson [Addie's date for the ball]. He's such a cutie! 
 Haha so tired she wore the grumpy old man face to nap in the car. 


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE the ladybug outfits! Adorable!

    My great-grandmother always called me her ladybug. Brought back memories!

  2. I love these pictures! Cute how it went a little differently this year as her personality has developed. I love the picture of her riding on your shoulders, lol.

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I think you have the cutest little ladybug ever!:)

  4. wait, there are no pictures of the release of the ladybugs! i want to seeee it!!

    such cute little ladybug outfits, too. thats something i'd love to participate in.

  5. I got no pictures of the release.

    Let me paint a picture for you:
    Tons of kids crowded around a man sprinkling ladybugs into kid's bug catchers.

    I'd have maybe been able to catch that if my own kid weren't sneaking around vacant stollers looking for straggling toys/balloons.

  6. I love the idea of the ladybug ball! It seems like such a sweet day. Your little ladybug is precious...I am in love with the little outfits you put together. You are definitely very creative! I can't wait to hear more of your stories. Have a great day!