Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stingray Snack?

So I'm preheating the oven, and getting ready to bake my current obsession/indulgence.

I press preheat, get the croissants prepared and on the pan, and as I'm cleaning the kitchen counters I smell something burning. I sniffed around looking to see if there were any food particles near the oven vent. Nothing was there so I just brushed it off to my oven needing to be cleaned.

I didn't even think to open the oven door and see if there was anything random in there baking.
Yea that was probably due to my lack of common sense, or maybe because I've never had little fingers hide anything in the oven before...

Yea I pulled this guy out of the oven smokin' and everything.
For that little bitty burn mark he sure did stink up my whole house.
Thank God I was too eager to get our evening snack in the oven to forget about the oven preheating (which I often do.)
I would have a hard time explaining this to the hubby had a fire actually happened.

So lesson learned.
Before you turn on the oven, check to make sure toddler hasn't hidden any puzzle pieces, or any other random toys for that matter.

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  1. Haha! Thats too funny! The other day I opened the fridge to get some milk and I was greeted by about 15 little "buddies" Sophie had stuffed in there:)