Monday, May 31, 2010

Manic Monday

Mommy Elephants Everyday Adventures

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  1. Your photos are absolutely GORGEOUS today. Such a great set.

  2. I really love the set you have posted :D

  3. Wow what a full day!!! Lve the vacuum cleaner picture... very cute!!

  4. Ohh, I love the pictures!
    (Interesting tattoo on that one guy)
    Your girl is such a cutie pie.
    I like the picture in the laundry room...ours is in the basement, so no nice daylight really.
    Ah, Manic Monday. Maybe someday I'll join the club.

  5. It was a good day in the Keb house!

    I think I might kick it CourtneyKeb style next Monday and let the pictures do all the talking. I think every now and then a blogger needs a break from all those damn words...haha!

  6. What a beautiful day!!!
    Great photography as always!!

  7. what a lovely set of pics on one post! wish i was as creative as you. happy memorial day.

    ~ash's mum

  8. Okay the one thing that crosses my mind looking at these photos is how jealous I am of how clean your place looks. I swear I feel like I am ALWAYS cleaning (and I do everyday), but it never looks really clean like your place. So I am big time jealous of that.
    Also please explain the farm photos. Where is that? Your place, someone you know? It looks fantastic!!
    Week after week, I look at your photos and think you have a pretty awesome life. It looks fun!! :D

    Oh and you know I like the elephant outfit! ;)

  9. I agree with everyone else THESE PHOTOS ARE STUNNING!!! She is a doll and I love the sunflower photos! Happy memorial weekend