Friday, May 7, 2010


Christmas was just a few months ago, and then Adeline had her first birthday a month and a half later.
After these two gift overloads I haven’t even thought about new toys for the little one.

I saw this post @ PaperMama

Sweetjollytricycles my baby needs a bike.
THAT bike
in pink.

So I got entirely too giddy as I spent 2 days shopping around for the best price, which was found at Amazon.

Pressed order and used the free super saver shipping.

I was pretty sure the tricycle wouldn’t be in before Philip left again for work for 2 weeks, but to my surprise it was shipped super fast and came in just in time for Daddy to put it together and enjoy our baby’s first bike ride.

Can I just say, this is the cutest little toddler bike I’ve ever ever seen?

It has a bell.


So we’ve had a fun afternoon showing Adeline how to ring the bell and use the pedals. 

The first thing she did when she saw it was cleaned it.
At least she gets somethin' from her momma.

Haha, that is her "vroom vroom" face

The age recommendation was 18months and up, but we knew Addie could handle up on that.
Her Dr. said she’s 2-3 months ahead on her milestones and she just made 15 months. Plus she’s in the 95th percentile for height so we knew those long legs were ready to pedal.

So much fun!!!!

What a big girl we’ve got on our hands. Swimmin, runnin, trike ridin’. Sheeeesh!


  1. Um...that is the cutest bike I've ever SEEN!! Too adorable!
    p.s.-I shared an award with you in my Wednesday "Preppie Mafia" post..if you want to swing by and grab it sometime! Happy Mother's Day this weekend!

  2. Wow! Snazzy!! She's gonna love that!!

    My nephews have old trikes... and the one, my dad turned into a "tow trike"! (my dad has a towing business)