Monday, May 3, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

I thought long and hard about the Top Two Things I Splurge On.
I even asked my husband.
He quickly answered-"nothing."
and just when I thought he forgot that I asked he said, 
"I seriously can't think of anything you ever splurge on...-at all."

Well he must not know that I generally don't check the price tag on FABRIC.
I don't do an enormous amount of sewing, but I do have a ever-growing collection!
Hmmm.... splurge item #2?
Baby clothes and toys were a thought, but 
I totally splurged last month when I went for an eye exam.
I hadn't had new lenses in over 3 years, so I wanted to get something I knew would last another 3. 
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  1. I'm pretty positive my hubby would be able to come up with a splurge or two for me! Although I don't sew, supplies was on my list too - for me it's beads though!
    -Miss Mud at

  2. My husband spouted one of pretty quickly! :)

    Trips to the eye doctor are a necessity, but are definitely pricey! I just did mine in December!

  3. I had to ask Ben my splurges too..and he said nothing! But I guess he doesnt know how much some things cost haha!

  4. I just got into the fabric thing because i want to make a quilt for my son. Ya....I could see how fabric could get addicting. I kinda went a little crazy buying it, and I still have it unused in neat little piles on my craft table.
    Baby clothes are my other splurge. I don't spend $ on me like I use to, I'd rather buy stuff for my kid. My mom told me...that's the way it always goes! :)