Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Award

I feel really special!
Some of my favorite bloggers have awarded little ole me with some blog awards.
It may have taken me a little while, but yes, I do accept
and I'd like to thank God, my husband, my beautiful baby girl, the Labradoodle, and diet coke.
haha kidding. kinda.

But really, how special is it to know that a handful of people scattered accross the states actually bother to even read some of my ramblings and look at my plethera of photos.
Thank you guys, thank you very much!

Mamma Town was sweet enough to pass down
Hold on, love... was kind enough to keep me in mind when she was awarding
and just the other day the paper mama gave me
Thank you ladies for being so very sweet to me. It warms my heart knowing that even 3 fellow respected bloggers out there take even a little interest in me and my life. Thanks!! I now have a whopping total of 4 blog awards, and that's totally WAY cool!

Now I know each of these awards had different requirements of acceptance so I'm going to combine them and just list some random things about me. Can that count as accepting these? Because I like them, and I'll take them if you let me!

1. I normally sanitize everything from baby toys, to my steering wheel, shopping cards, even the elliptical at the gym when I'm done. Once time I got chewed out for forgetting to wipe down a treadmill at the gym though. Embarrassing! Especially since I was all out of breath and making a break for my car. Sheesh!

2. I haven't cut my hair in exactly a year, and I don't even have any split ends.

3. I make my child say "purple" at least 15 times a day because it's so dang cute!

4. Sometimes I put things in the oven only to forget I was even baking. Not a habit, I promise.

5. I hate June bugs. One time when Philip and I were newly dating one had crawled up my leg and when I felt it's hard, gross little body against my shin, I immediately and without thinking took my pants off and ran around the room screaming and crying. I was embarrassed when I realized I'd taken my pants off, and cried for another hour after that.

6. This oil spill consumes my life, my mind, and sometimes way too much of my day. I wish so badly that I could make it go away.

7. We've been living in our house for a little over 2 years now, and I've only dusted the fans 3 times.

8. I've worn a C cup bra for pretty much my entire adolescence and adulthood, and recently and surprisingly realized that I'm a D now. Really? REALLY!??? Uh huh.

9. I'm too nice in person. Sometimes after I'm insulted I sit there for a prolonged period of time thinking of the ULTIMATE come-backs I could have/should have said back.

10. It hurts my feelings when I step on my Wii Fit board and it says "oohh".

11. Grape scented bubbles are confusing to babies who haven't learned to not lick a bubble wand.

12. My husband and some of his friends have always and still call me "Tootie".

13. Chocolate cheerios are off thaa hook yo.

14. Although my flower garden is perfectly groomed, our vegetable garden can be mistaken for a small jungle. hey--there's wasps and snakes in there..... maybe..............

15. I sew, but I don't enjoy it. I actually suck at it.

16. I love hydrangeas.

17. I've hinted around for a kitchen aid mixer for oh, about 3 years now. Maybe my husband will read this and consider it for an anniversary or birthday gift this year. Maybe not.

18. If I'm talking to you and you're texting, I'm slightly annoyed.

19. Adeline is so attached to her turtle, that I have a back up. Sometimes I sleep with the back up while she's sleeping hers.

20. I've decided to stop using plastic grocery bags.


  1. Oh, that sweet list definitely counts for accepting the awards!
    So cool:) Wow, 3 awards! How fun is that?

    Okay, here's a tiny list of my own:
    Before this past year, my hair could go without trims for split ends; it was like I was invincible or something;)

    Awww, I love when words are said different and cute by little ones. Don't blame ya for making her repeat it a ton of times a day!
    Ha, I do #4 sometimes too. :P

    Oh dear! That's awful--the June bug incident! I can see why you so badly freakin' hate them!!

    Well. Ceiling fans are just not paid attention to at our house, either. Last time we cleaned them was December, when the friend on my 'cast list' came home on leave from basic training, telling us randomly about the cleaning they had to do daily, and simultaneously convicted us of our housecleaning sin.... *laugh*

    Whoa, C-cup, huh? Nice. I'm a B...just this past year graduated from an A...I feel really bad for my best friend who's probably a E or something, especially when she has kids someday--imagine how loaded she'll be! Golly. Back problems, hello. :P

    You can have our Kitchen Aid mixer.
    Well...if you don't mind that it's prolly 20 years old, cream and silver colors, and hardly used...oh, and if ya wanna pay for shipping. That thing weighs a TON!

    Oh my word, chocolate cheerios sounds delish! And sleeping with the back-up? Hehe! I totally agree with you on the texting thing...and yeah. We TRY not to use plastic bags too much. Depends on what grocery store with sales we're shopping at that day. ;)

  2. way to go! your blog deserves every last one :)