Monday, June 7, 2010

Daddy IM

I spent yesterday OUT of the house.
It was nice to look at other walls other than my own.

My husband is offshore right now, and I talk to him on Yahoo IM.
When I got home yesterday evening this is the message I found on my accidentally left open yahoo messenger:

philipkeb: are you there?
philipkeb: helloooo?
philipkeb: barky, if your reading this go get mommy! and stop looking at barks bones on the internet
philipkeb: are you still not there?
philipkeb: barky i know your there!
philipkeb: jerk dog probably cant even read!

Haha [We call Gracie, our dog, Barky sometimes.]



  1. Hahah, your husband is cute. That made me giggle.

    So are you used to having your husband gone for long periods of time like he is? I forget how long you said he goes at a time, but I'm guessing its weeks?

  2. Omgosh that is TOO cute!! Love a sense of humor! :D