Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Father's Day Reflections

There's something about a holiday that just makes me want to go all out, and right now I've got Father's Day on the brain. It's in like what a week? and a half? Yea.

I found out I was pregnant with Adeline at the end of May 2008, which meant that Philip got to celebrate his first Father's Day.
He didn't really get it, though.
When I gave him a box full of "Daddy" themed baby books, he gave me a look like, "Really? you used a gift opportunity for books?"
So then I bought him a fishing shirt, because it was only $4.99 and I was too mad to spend anything more.

LAST Father's Day I spent a long afternoon constructing and writing the perfect Father's Day card ever so sweetly to whom a..... more emotional and less caveman father would be warmed at the heart. 
He read it and put it on the night stand and immediately dug into his breakfast in bed. I mean it had a baby foot print, a Barkey paw print, and a Mommy lip print as the signature, if the words didn't do it for ya COULDN'T THAT?
no resentment here, eh?

Good thing I'm smart, because I had another fishing shirt for him, and this time he graduated to $9.99

but that wasn't all.

THIS shirt forced him to wear the HEY I'M A DAD title.
No really.
It was sporting fishin' in the front, 
and baby feet in the back.

This year I thought he'd be offshore for Father's Day, so I skipped the mushy stuff and went straight for his heart by buying him a BBQ pit with the vacation money I'd saved up.
Yea, he liked that.
and I like that it encourages him to cook OUTSIDE and out of my CLEAN kitchen. 

turns out he will be home for Father's Day, and you know what he's getting?

A fishing shirt.

With toddler feet.

maybe even $14.99 price range. 
Oh yea.
He's movin' up. 

 [on a side note, look how precious my little 4 month old baby was. Shaaaa]



  1. Ha, that's great.
    I love that shirt with footprints on the back! That's adorable!
    Bwahahaa. Cooking outside. Out of your clean kitchen. That is SO me someday.
    Cute pic of baby girl! ;)

  2. So many comments I don't know where to start! Let me put down my cookie dough covered brownie so I can type properly (oh yes...it happened! love them!) The card and foot print shirt idea is just SO good! Your daughter in that outfit is killing me with cuteness! And I pretty much forgot all about Father's Day. yup. I suck!

  3. awww the tshirt with the feet prints is SO cute. your post made me laugh out loud in the office today..."graduated to $9.99" LOL :D

    ~ash's mum

  4. I'm trying to figure M's Fathers Day present out still.
    I was just going through photos too (arboretum post I did) for a fathers day pic. It's amazing how much a year makes isn't it? She is so adorable there. Awwww lil babies all grown up now. :(

  5. I think the t-shirt is adorable!! I totally *get* the unsentimental father thing! T is not into that stuff at all. That's why he's getting a hat with a gunmaker logo on it. :s

    Thanks for linking up with me! Have fun "partying." ;)

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby feet shirt! So manly and yet so sweet at the same time!
    Stopping by from the Dishing It party!

  7. Your post made me laugh! My husband is the same way, as long as there is something attached to or in the card he could care less what the card says! What a precious baby!

  8. I love the shirt with the footprints on the back! What a great idea =)

    My DH isn't very sentimental either, so I can understand the frustration lol!

  9. This post totally cracks me up! That shirt is precious - great idea! Happy Dishing It!

  10. I loooove the fishing shirt with the baby footprints! My Hubby has a scrub shirt with baby inked footprints from when the kids were born. Sooo sweet!!

  11. Love the footprint shirt, so cute! Very funny post-

    Stopping by from dishing it-