Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fav Things Thursday 2

Ah, today.... Thursday, did I mention that it's my favorite day of the week?
Thursday and me go way back.

I remember being in elementary school and not being able to wait to get home on Thursday afternoons.
Thursday was my mom's clean house day so the house was fresh and clean and smelling like PineSol. Then we'd all go to Ryan's, a local buffet, for dinner since my mom worked all day to clean house.

Then as I got into high school, Philip's Mom and step dad used to go bowling on Thursday  nights.
They wouldn't be home until late....
and we were.... teenagers.
So yea we liked Thursday's in high school.

Even for college and my working years, Thursdays were awesome because it meant the school/work week was coming to an end and the weekend was anxiously awaiting.

Adeline was born on a Thursday too.

I just like the day.

So today, on my favorite day, I bring you another favorite of mine:
So You Think You Can Dance

That's right.
I'm on that train.
The hot tamale train that is.
Pahaha, I had to okay.

My favorite part of the season is try outs, because who doesn't love--I mean LOVE to watch a bunch of spastic people jump about and try to dance mixed in with dancers who move and bring you to gooseybumps.

My favorite choreographer is Mia Michaels. Seriously I don't know if she's ever choreographed anything I didn't like or maybe even love.

I have A LOT of favorite dances, but this one is just epic, it's my all time fav
I know it's a crumby video, but I love the bench dance!

and my favorite winner was Jeanine, I just love watching every dance she did, especially the ones with Phil, loved him

Oh, summer I'm so glad you brought me my show.
How I love you!
SYTYCD that is.

Did you know I danced for 12 years? Yea, I did.
Started when I was 2, quit at 14, when I was too cool for it.

but nowwwww........
I pretend I'm gonna be a dancing
and during SYTYCD commercials I'm featured....
in my living room....

Great reviews from my Labradoodle.
Philip's either too busy laughing or hiding his head under a pillow to give me a review though,
I understand though....
I'm that amazing.

So tell me what your favorite is this week.
Recipe, movie, show, song, outfit, craft, book, story....
anything works here.


  1. You know I have never watched this!!
    And you started dancing at 2?? Wow! I wanted to be a dancer, but I just didn't have it.

  2. I have no idea why I'm totally into Dancing With the Stars, but never got into this show. Considering some of the contestants went ON to do DWtS, so it really is kind of a mystery :)

    My started last week and one ended this week. I love that Hell's Kitchen is in full swing...and I'm sad that I have to wait until 2011 for United States of Tara to come back.

  3. Yea! I'm joining in this week! And I needed a new fav show since American Idol is over! So thanks for that:)
    ps-in your sweet email about my give forgot to give me your address! Haha! Just email me again when you get time!
    Thanks for offering such a cool link up!

  4. I would so link up to this but I'm too busy at work today. Boo.But, on a quick side note...YOU KNOW ABOUT RYAN's!! :):) I loovvee that restuarant but no one ever know where I am talking about! :)

  5. Ohhh, that video you included from YouTube is so cool! Wow. Sweet dancing!

  6. I love this show. So excited for tonight! Ha ha, I even got my hubby to love it. He fought it in the beginning... And that dance with Jenenne and Phil was my fave.