Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Shirts

Well I know one little girl, two baby boys, a daddy, and even a momma who all just got new shirts.
Kind of.
Some of them were old shirts with new things added to them.
Just a hand-me-down shirt upgraded turtle style. 
This is my favorite out of all, but I'm saving it to show ya'll later. 

I did all of these this week using freezer paper stenciling. Surely everyone knows what it is and likely has seen 134 tutorials on the method. BUT
if you live under a rock
and you haven't
I've attached some instructions on the following pictures that you can enlarge and follow if you're looking for an EASY, cheap, and fun way to upcycle some clothes in your closet or even make a few cute gifts. 
I've been through a lot of fabric paint in the past, and here recently I've found my favorite!
Simply Screen
It's actually a screen printing ink/paint, but it's perfect for freezer paper stenciling. 
It's vibrant, and soft, and so pretty!
So yea, grab a couple of bottles and freezer paper next time your out, and go craaaaaazy!


  1. Oh my dear goodness. That first onesie is the cutest thing I've seen in a loooong time! Aw:)
    I wuv it:)
    Great job! Hmm.....might have to try it sometime? ;)

  2. Err, sorry--the shirt:) I called it a onesie. Oops. :) I'd love a onesie with that turtle on it, though! Someday:)

  3. wait, I don't even know what freezer paper IS?

    I've always used thin plastic sheets, but freezer paper sounds way easier!

    I should make some things for the babies.

    ok who am I kidding, I won't, haha.

    But know that I'm totally jealous of the adorable things that you made for yours :)

  4. SOOOOOO cute!!! We seriously need to get together! Anytime you do a project let me know and I'll come over and we can experiment together! I love to be crafty:)

  5. What in the cute-ness heck is that adorable method? I've never heard of that!! DYING! Please do more of these projects, I'm feeling very inspired- you diva!

  6. LOVE the shirts. i don't know what frezer paper is either. Never heard of it..

  7. I just wanted to let you know that I'm REALLY jealous you have a Cricut!!!

  8. Oh my Gosh! I love the monkey onesie!!! I've been doing freezer paper stenciled onesies for baby showers lately and they are a huge hit. Yours are great! Love the turtle, too.

  9. Love your designs - they are adorable! I haven't tried this yet but hope to sometime soon! Great tutorial. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  10. i always wanted to try this but didn't know it was that easy. i'm trying it out now!