Friday, June 11, 2010

Turtle Potty

So I decided to start researching and looking into anything and everything potty training related. 
I know it's a bit early, and I do know my Adeline isn't quite ready now at 16 months, but I'm a jump-the-gun kind of gal, and I like to be prepared. 
So for introduction's sake:
Ariel panties and TURTLE POTTY!
Now the panties are a ways away, but I can't wait to introduce Miss Girl to the turtle potty. Do you know how awesome that is? (Just the fact that it's Turtle.)
I mean if she's old enough to do some chores, she's old enough to save me some money in diapers eh?

Okay I know that's not quite the case.
She's only ready for an introduction and the concept of the potty, but the thought diaper-less days are sweet!!!


  1. Yeah for your turtle potty! So very fitting! Maybe you can make your new button out of him?!?! Haha!

  2. Aw, what a cute turtle potty;)
    Diaper-less days? Awesome.

  3. Oh I think it's great you are getting started early. It is never to early to introduce them to anything new, they are like little sponges! I LOVE, LOVE the turtle potty and the mermaid undies!!!! so cute.

  4. Oh wow! A turtle potty? That is amazing. Cute.

  5. So adorable. I say its never too early to have the potty on hand. That being said, I would advise having a actual potty seat for the toilet too. Only because some kids love the little potty and some won't go near it . and some love the potty seat and others don't. You'll need the potty seat eventually anyways, so I'd have that on hand too. My girls started potty training at 18 months and so you are just being proactive. Better prepared than not. Thanks for following and I am now your newest follower and following you on twitter. Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Mothering!

  6. I don't think its too early at all. My Charlie is 17 months, and we're about to get him his first potty. Hes old enough to tell me when hes going, so I say hes old enough to give the potty a whirl. I sat him on the potty a couple of days ago, and he just stared downward, waiting for something to happen. Nothing happened, of course, but it was the cutest thing watching him try.

    Where did you get the turtle potty?? I need to get a cute one like THAT!

  7. Hi, I'm a new follower :)
    Nah, it's not too early. Having potty 'stuff' around is a good start. That way they will become familiar with it all & you won't have to push it so much. Good luck!