Monday, September 27, 2010

Manic Monday

This morning I woke up to my husband!
I hadn't done that in a whole month, and boy was it nice. 
I'm so glad he's home from work, and I'm even more excited he'll be home for about another  month.
The novelty may wear off by next week, but for now I'm like a little puppy dog.
I find myself following him around and begging for his attention when he comes home. 
I don't think he minds though. ;)
October's already jam-packed with plans for us, and I'm just thanking God that I've been feeling good enough lately to even make plans! Today was just a take it easy kind of day though, and we spent the morning outside enjoying the fantastic weather. 
The weather was perfect for triking around the driveway, but even more perfect for pecan picking at PawPaw's. 
After we gathered up enough pecans we headed on over to the grocery store because I had a random craving for fun-fetti cake. [I don't even care for cake.]
Squiggy even earned herself some Raisonettes on the car ride home for being... well just being cute. 
 I made the cupcakes that I just had to have, although by the time I was done making them I was too nauseous to even eat one.

So Philip went to the gym while we stayed outside until sunset with my good ol' peach tea. 
and it was a fine Monday, ya'll. I didn't even end up puking!
Just fine! :)

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  1. Awe sounds like yall had a sweet day. Im glad your hubby is home from work for a little while.

  2. having hubby around the house (even for a while) is absolutely precious. love the pics

    ~ash's mum

  3. Awww that looks like a wonderful day. Your hubby is handsome, you guys are a cute little family. I really like your new header. Really feels like fall looking at it. :)

  4. That's awesome about not puking:)
    Cupcakes look happy your hubby's home! Yay!

  5. That's awesome about not puking:)
    Cupcakes look happy your hubby's home! Yay!

  6. Sounds like a good day. The weather was increadible here too. Perhaps I should invest in some peach tea. I think that might have been what my day was missing.

    And I'm so glad you didn't puke today! Always a good sign.

  7. it's funny... you put your sprinkles in the icing... i always put mine on top of the icing. it never occurred to me to mix them in!

    love the pic of adeline turned around in her trike! :)