Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween ya'll! 
This year it was just me and my pup for Halloween. 
Daddy was sadly working in PA, and I just don't know what happened to Adeline. 
It's a shame we couldn't find her to take her along camping with us. 
We spent lots of time outside swinging, sliding, running, and even turtle hunting; I know she would have enjoyed that! 
 Oh, and I bet she'd have had plenty of fun with her cousins too!
She probably would have even gotten to eat a lot of candy from trick or treating, since she would have eaten every last bite of her dinner and have well earned the treats! Oh well, pup ate her share.
Alright, alright you got me. I didn't lose my Addie Jean, that was her lookin' like a pup! 
Really, I swear! 

I hope everyone had a super sweet Halloween weekend, and I hope ya'll are all enjoying Halloween night.
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