Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Weekend!

How are you?
We're all doing well today over my way. 
We've actually been in Crowley for the passed couple of days. 
Philip had a "fall training class" [where he has to learn how to fall properly?] to take for work, and he wanted Adeline and me to come with him since his certification was only in the mornings for a couple of days.

We usually love our time out in the country, but unfortunately this time I was sick for most of the mornings, so we didn't get to do too much, and believe it or not I didn't take any pictures with my camera. 
Can you believe that, nah?

We were happy to head home because neither Philip nor myself were getting any sleep with Adeline's squiggly bottom in a full size bed with us. 
If I wasn't pushing her feet out of my belly, I was removing her butt from my shoulder. That kid is a wild sleeper, although you'd never guess it since she looks so.... still..... and peaceful..... and quiet...... here

We got in last night around 9:30, and before I even stopped to use the bathroom I opened my mail because I saw two orange envelopes just screaming my name. 

One was from my sweet friend, Megan
She has awesome embroidery skills that she's recently volunteered to teach me.
Okay she hasn't volunteered to teach me yet, I volunteered her to do that, but seriously, Meg, I want to learn! 

Look how cute!!??!!
I can't even tell you how exciting a handmade gift is to me.
It's like she spent a piece of her own free time making something for me my baby, and then she wrote my name on an envelope and sent it to my mailbox where she must have known I'd do a little happy shake your booty dance right then and there. How special does that make me feel? Pretty special!
Seriously-thank you Megan!!!

and the next little package was from my blog friend Mandy, and ya'll she knits!
She's got the cutest little Etsy shop where she sells some of her best stuff, and I'm super stoked to have not one but two adorable, soft, cozy little beanies for my baby boy.
Ya'll check her out at Tea Cup Village
Thank you so much Mandy!

It's kind of funny, when I was pregnant for Adeline I had everything I needed for her once she was here.
Then she came, and this first time mommy didn't get the "you're baby's warm head needs hats to help regulate her temperature especially since it's February--DUH" memo.
So I had to scatter around town only finding goofy looking beanies with bunny ears or bear ears and stuff like that.
This go round this little man pretty much only has beanies. 
Haha, I've been able to pick up some onesies and a few little outfits for him, but let me say that his head will never be cold for sure! PLUS no bunny ears on it! Bonus!

Anyway, this weekend is once again packed with activities, and I'm kind of excited because it's early Saturday morning and I haven't even puked yet! So I'm thinking today's events will at least be in store [hopefully]. 

I hope you have yourself a happy weekend, too! :)


  1. i can't believe you're still battling the puking... i feel so bad for you!! :0\

    love the gifts... handmade is definitely awesome! i have yet to get any little hats... but my sister is a knitter, so i expect i will eventually! your friends have been very kind! :)

  2. Courtney, it is SO easy, and I would LOVE LOVE (get it?) to teach you how to do it! It's very relaxing to do when sitting in front of the tv or whatever. One day soon, we will have to take a trip to Hobby Lobby and I can show you the basic stuff you need. (Don't worry though, it's a very inexpensive hobby)

  3. Gosh, she looks so peaceful and angelic sleeping:)
    Cute stuff in the mail!!! <3