Monday, December 13, 2010

Caroline's Princess Birthday Party

Warning: This post is jam packed with all things pink, purple, and princess! 
[and I totally swiped these pictures from the birthday girl's mommy]

Adeline was invited to the cutest little princess birthday party ever! 
This is Caroline, the birthday girl, and Adeline's 2nd cousin. 
Caroline's mom, Erica was my best friend in Junior High, and she's actually how I met my husband who is her cousin. 
Got all that?
Yea I get confused myself, but Caroline's like a niece to me, and Adeline adores her!

her 4th birthday party was at a little place called La Tea Da.
It was an adorable little princess themed birthday place with all things girly! 

As soon as we got there big princesses escorted us to a girly closet packed with princess costumes in all sizes. 
Adeline was more interested in the beads dangling from the wall, so she got stuck with the first dress I pulled in her size. Pretty, though. 
After that the girls could paint their nails, put make up on, and be pampered like princesses. 
My princess couldn't care less about all that since there were, after all, dangling beads hanging from the wall. 

The girls were then directed towards a little canopied area where they got to make their own crowns with pretty shiny jewels. My kid popped a jewel in her mouth like candy though, and again rushed over to the dangling beads. Another pretty princess finished her crown though, and Addie thought it was awesome seeing as it came with a "star" wand. 

Adeline was then invited to have tea with the queen of the afternoon. 
It was a pretty special invitation since she got to sit at Queen Caroline's VIP table. 

This totally made me nervous! Adeline isn't even 2 yet, and she was the youngest little princess there by at least 2 years. PLUS she doesn't get out much.
The girls were drinking from gorgeous glass tea cups, and thank God they had plastic back ups for Adeline.
Oh yea, did I mention Adeline can't drink from a regular cup without spilling a 2 foot radius of drink around her?  It's true. 

Lucky for me, she was sitting next to Caroline who showed her how to sip and drink with her spoon. 
It was precious because Adeline would look over to her left to see how Caroline was doing and she'd just model her.
Then they brought out the cake. My heart did a quick pitter patter as I was worried Adeline might dive into it, steal a candle, or cry during the birthday song... but to my amazement she behaved herself and Caroline was able to eat her birthday cake in peace. 

I was a proud momma. 

All of the pretty princesses at the party got to walk a cat walk for a princess fashion show. 
Not mine though. In case you hadn't heard, there were totally dangling beads hanging in the door ways and on the walls.

The highlight of the party for Addie was the end where the kids got to jump on a big fluffy bed, dance, and pillow fight in a big glittery pink and purple room. Wild little princesses there.

Seriously, where was this place when I was a little girl?
Thanks Caroline for having us at your super sweet 4th birthday party! You made a beautifully sweet hostess!


  1. i have never heard of such a place! what a great idea!! looks like it was a blast... even if adeline was more interested in the beads hanging on the walls! lol!!

  2. that is so cute!!
    great idea for a snazzy little girl's party :)

  3. This is THE COOLEST kids party ever! Seriously looks like so much fun. I love the photo of the three of them at the table with the cake. Love Love Love it!

  4. Girls have all the fun!! Imagine how much she's going to love it when she's older... and beads on the wall aren't quite as awesome.

  5. Thank you for coming! I'm glad Adeline had fun at Caroline's party! She was such a cute princess :)