Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let me upgrade ya, Boo!

See that baby?
She's in her bed.
Her big girl bed! 

We got Adeline a convertible crib before she was born. You know, crib-toddler bed-full size bed frame. 
Well 2 or 3 weeks after she turned 1 year old.... she jumped/climbed out. 
I remember it being so scary, and with my luck, Philip was offshore and couldn't lower the mattress. 
The mattress was on the second to lowest setting, and I had Philip's step brother come and lower the mattress the last inch down. 

I researched online at what age was appropriate to transition from crib to toddler bed, and of course I found the answer to be: mostly when they're jumping out of the crib and putting themselves in harms way OR around age 2-3. Um. She's freshly 1. 
Guess she really is an early bloomer. 
So I prayed for her safety every time I put her down, and luckily she never successfully escaped again...
until last month.

When I went to check on her during her nap, she met me at the door!
Talk about freak a mommy out! 
Alright, the mattress won't lower any more and Miss Addie Jean Long Legs jumped out AGAIN while.... you guessed it, Daddy's away on work. 


I told Philip that evening she'd leaped out and he freaked out all over me as if I'd have planned her escape route. 
He was virtually fussing about broken limbs and all of that dramatic stuff, and told me to order a rail for her toddler bed so that we could convert it when he got home in a couple of days.

Well after searching every corner of the internet the Munire Park Avenue toddler bed rail attachment could only be shipped at the soonest in 6-8 weeks.
So I'm going to buy a $100 attachment and I won't get it for 2 months?

That won't work. 
So I needed some thinking time. 
[I don't want to do the big girl bed thing]
and Philip came home.....
[I don't want to do the big girl bed thing]
and we kept using the crib like a crib......
[I don't want to do the big girl bed thing]
because it really terrified me to give her access to non-confined sleep space. 

but Daddy's about to go back to work now, and we can't risk her making another jump especially while he's away. So last night the rails came off, and it was terrifying--for me

You see before she could even crawl I'd have nightmares about my little baby wobbly walking and just creeping at my bedside til I woke up. They were creepy dreams, and to be honest it just really scared me that she could possibly wonder out of her room while I'm sleeping. Mind you, I'm a super light sleeper especially when I have to be, and I'd surely here her [not that my kid would be quiet anyway]. 
But we never did get that rail. So I was really scared she'd roll out of bed and hurt herself, or stay up and play toys when we left, and a whole bunch of other irrational fears. 

8:00pm rolled by, and I couldn't put her to bed just yet.
8:20 she started to yawn and suck her thumb, and well it's okay if she falls asleep on the couch, right?
8:30 hits and daddy announces "BIG GIRL BED TIME!"

My heart pounded as we put her to bed, tucked her in, said her prayers, and shut the door. 


She went right to sleep, ya'll! 
It didn't even phase her. 

I checked on her appx 43 times during the night.....
and she stayed in bed sleeping.

Woke up this morning sick to my stomach (because not only did I spend the night worrying over my little tiny baby in her big ol' bed, but Daddy decided to use the food dehydrator after I went to sleep last night and make beef jerky and smell up my house to gross meat stinkiness!)  but before I was even sick, I tip toed into her room and opened the door just a half an inch. 
She was innocently laying there in her bed, still under the covers just sucking her thumb. 

and that's that. 
That wasn't so hard, now was it?
A big, long, dramatic story about a toddler in a toddler bed and no longer a baby in a baby's crib. 

She's a proud little Squiggy.

[Thank God I'm having another baby, because this whole milestone achieving thing was fun while she was a baby, baby but now it's just hard to let go!]


  1. i love that crib/bed!

    i'm so glad she stayed in bed. definitely a relief! maybe she'll keep it up... and if not, perhaps having some books nearby will keep her occupied in bed for awhile(?). :)

  2. It's nice when they don't fall out or fool around when you're not in the room.

  3. I already have aniexy over the "big girl bed" and my little one's only 7 months old. I must say I'm really dreading that day. Way to take it like Mommy though! :)

  4. YEAH-WHOO!!
    I'm so excited for her! And you. I know it's sad a little, but they love it so much and feel so grown up. The first night Sophie was in her bed I crawled in and slept on her floor while she slept just to be sure she didn't roll out.

    And yes, it's happened:
    One morning at 2am she was sleepwalking (a problem my husband had as a kid and still does) she came next to my side of the bed and yelled, "MOMMY!!! YOU TURNED MY MOVIE OFF AND WHERE IS MY PILLOW?" totally dreaming, but awake staring at me! Yikes. Freaky! But kinda funny:)

    Good Luck!

  5. What! Only 43 times? hahaha, don't worry, when baby #2 reaches this milestone you'll be able to cut that number down to like 20 :)

    She's officially a big girl now!!

  6. Yay!!! Go go go, you big girl! Kenz just started sleeping in her big girl bed this week too! :)