Friday, February 4, 2011

Her room

Philip took Addie with him to the grocery store this morning, mainly because I was demanding a chocolate brownie, and wouldn't quit annoying him to give in and go get some mix AND bring the baby. 

It was a strategic move seeing as how I get brownies AND the oppurtunity to clean Adeline's room without her screaming or undoing everything I pick up.

It was then that I realized in a few somber and hormonal moments that she really isn't a baby anymore.
Her closet door knobs are where she hangs up her purse and fairy wings at the end of the day. 
Her bottom dresser drawer isn't filled with baby blankets any more, just various shades and cuts of blue jeans.
Pink, and purple, and princess paraphernalia fill the room especially around this super sweet doll house she loves so much.
She sleeps in a bed now-not a crib.
 Toys overflow from baskets that aren't always so neatly lined against her flower wall.
A big, frequently used hat box sits in the corner to be ravaged through when a certain little girl decides she needs Mickey Mouse hands, or a princess skirt on top of her jammies. 
and right by the door is always her giraffe suit case filled with figurines and "pals" that she totes around and delivers from room to room  when there isn't quite enough evidence in the rest of the house that we have a kid.

My little girl's room went from a peaceful little nursery I created from my own liking to a vivid, colorful room full of personality--her personality.

When did that happen?

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  1. Aw! :( This must be hard! But I'm sure there are many great moments in the years to come! :)