Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Pretty Little Wedding

This weekend Philip and Adeline served in Philip's cousin and Adeline's paran, Matthew's wedding.
Philip was a groomsmen, and Addie the flower girl.
Philip was off playing with the guys while I was left to get the rest of us ready.
Man, that was pretty challenging. 
Adeline was terrified of the curling iron, so it was impossible to get near her to fix her hair.

My perfume made Gideon sneeze. 
Adeline wanted to spin around on her butt in her pale colored dress.
Gideon got his little fingers tangled up in my hair that he isn't used to being down.
Adeline decided she was hungry after we got dressed.
Gideon pooped right before loading the car.

I forgot to wrap the wedding gift.
Gideon is screaming, and I got let down all over my dress.
Adeline would rather wear her rain boots than dress shoes. 
I nearly forgot my own shoes.....

that's a brief summary of how the getting ready process went that night.

But really, it was a nice evening. 
God provided them with a breathtaking sunset, a sweet evening breeze, and a beautiful ceremony.
I remember my favorite part of weddings used to be imagining myself marrying my husband one day.
Now my favorite part is remembering our own wedding day, and how happy our day was.
Another highlight is usually the groom's reaction to the bride. 
That may be because it's normally really sweet, and I kind of get a kick out of seeing grown men cry... or maybe it's because my height makes for a handicap in actually peaking through all of the other heads to see the bride...
My wild thing flower girl did her job wonderfully, and she and the ring-bearer received many well deserved Ohhhhhhs and Awwwwws

I did feel a little tenderness in my heart at missing my own wedding day, and younger times when I was able to jump onto the dance floor without worrying about who my 2 year old is terrorizing or whether or not my baby is rooting around a family member in search of me....

but really I felt a whole new appreciation for the being able to witness a new beginning for such a God-centered, loving, young couple.... I know our love story has been so beyond blessed and wonderful, and it's really nice to be able to want that and see that bloom for others.

So on this pretty evening we held on to our babies
did a little dancing around of our own....
 and at the end of the night tucked our babies into bed, kissed each other good night, and thanked God for young love. It's just a lovely little thing to watch grow.

Congratulations Matthew and Erica!


  1. Hi, my name is Kristin and i found your blog a few months back and have been reading it ever since b/c we live in the same area and i thought that was the coolest thing that someone else that lives near me has a blog... well, i just wanted to say i really enjoy your blog and i work with Erica (haha) when i seen her picture i was like OMGOSH!! haha my mom made there wedding cake.( hope you liked it) yeah, i just thought i would stop by and say that!!! and Congrats on the baby boy he's handsome.

  2. what beautiful pictures! both of your littles look adorable in their outfits!

  3. Hey! How did I miss this post?! She looked SO adorable! And your little man is just too perfect. It looked like the most beautiful wedding ever!

  4. In picture 2, Adeline looks just like YOU! In picture 3, Gideon looks just like his DADDY! Just my observations. :) Oh, & that is definitely one beautiful evening & wedding & one superbly proud Daddy with his new baby. ;)