Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With an extra hour of sunlight...

Sunday morning I was pretty mad at this whole time change thing. 
I valued that hour of lost sleep. 

Me & SpringFoward are on better terms now though.
It makes for more smiley evenings out in the setting sun with my beautiful babies that I can't stop Momarazzi[ing].
Can you blame me though? With a sweet little baby smile like this, you'd camera stalk this baby too if he were yours. 
So most days we just sit back and chill out in the 70something air and light breeze while Adeline plays ball with either Gracie, me, or herself. 
Don't worry little Gideon, soon enough you'll be running along with her out there. 
...until then, we've gotta think fast. She's still grasping the concept that babies aren't capable of catching.
Hoping that your extra hour of evening sunlight is spent laughing and catching sunset rays. Who needs clean dishes, folded laundry, and vacuumed floors anyway?


  1. awwww, those are beautiful pictures, dear! what a cute little guy he is:) and an adorable older sister, too!

  2. Your kiddos look like they are certainly enjoying that extra sunshine!!

    I'm a bit jealous, while we have more daylight here, we haven't quite crawled away from Winter Jacket weather and grey skies yet.

  3. so sweet! we cant head outside yet... but soon, i hope!

  4. Love these photos! It looks like you are enjoying life with two. = )Gideon is just precious!