Friday, August 12, 2011

Bow Ba Bow Bow Bowws

Normally from about 5:30-8:00 I plan what I'm going to do when I put the kids to bed. 
The plans usually look like this:
-Clean the kitchen, do the dishes, fold the laundry, pack Philip a lunch, walk the dog, read in bed, go to bed. 
But what I actually end up doing is a toss up every night since Philip loves to keep Adeline up passed her bed time so he can spend more time with her/and or bath time runs late/or I'm just too tired and choose to shower and go to bed.

Last night
Gideon fell asleep at 7:00. 
I now had even more free time! 
So instead of doing the dishes (that are still there) 
or putting that load of clothes to dry (totally forgot about that) 
I looked at my new sale find of ribbon on the counter from Hobby Lobby.
Then I looked down at Adeline who was still distraught over accidentally and permanently dislocating Baby Jack's head. 
So I bypassed the messy kitchen and sat down to make some bows. 
It's been a while since I've done any for her, and while mine aren't nearly as cute as some of the boutique bows, they are far cheaper when I pay less for a spool of ribbon than I would a bow. 
My little one however, thinks my bows are sooooo bootyful. She kept marveling about my making some. 
I don't know if it's a Southern thing or not, but really I just think a little girl with a bow in her hair is irresistible to scoop up and squeeze...or smile sweetly at if they aren't yours or don't know you ;)!
It was a slower than normal process to make these though.
Mostly because Adeline insisted the ribbon was a jump rope, so I kept rerolling spools and hiding scissors. 

She did try to make some bows herself though.
That mostly consisted of balling up some ribbon and saying "Oh Mommy, you like my bow I just made? So pwetty!"

Surely I'd attach a picture of her wearing one of my new bootyful bows, but she's not awake yet. 
I figured I'd go ahead and blog them now though because this weekend is super jam packed busy for us Kebodeauxs, and I won't have much computer time.
So yep. That was my crafty endeavor last night. Actually I did something else crafty and super cute yesterday too, but it's for a surprise themed baby shower, and Mommy to be is a blog reader ;) 
It is SUPER cute though! :)

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  1. Oh, these are CUTE girl! With Lexie in school now I plan on taking some more time to get to know my sewing machine. My Mom got it for me at Christmas 2 years ago (I think, lol) & we have not gotten along so well...the machine & I, haha. I got some cutie pie holiday fabrics the other day & will TRY to craft it up! I haven't even begun to think about bow making, but only because a few friends of mine make them. Oh, & because we have NO more room on our total of 6 bow holders between Lexie & Brielle! BUT! If 1 day I do attempt I hope they come out as cute as yours!