Friday, August 5, 2011

I have a 2 and a HALF year old now.

It's kind of been one of those days. 
The morning anyway. 
I won't go into detail because there's no use for wasting time complaining, but lucky for me this afternoon has been sweeter. 
Adeline is officially 2 1/2 today. I guess the half year marks really won't be as significant after this one, but I do admit I love celebrations marking milestones. 
We mostly just celebrated today with hugs, kisses, Disney Barbies, baby dolls, and peanut butter M&Ms @ the grocery store check out. She did request pizza today, but I had left over roast that needed to be eaten, so I made her pretend. She wasn't thrilled about that.
Sweet little Gideon just sat patiently and observantly while Adeline pretended he is her baby. 
Poor Gracie always wants in on the lovin' too. Unfortunately for her though sometimes shes a scary bear, or a canine jungle gym, sometimes even a horse. ;) I don't think she minds too much. I mean she could be outside in the 100degree heat. If my options were the spider infested hot yard or inside being chased by a 2 (AND A HALF NOW) year old, I'd choose the later. 
So lets see where little Squiggy is at:
She knows her all of ABCs and what sounds the letters make. 
She knows how to spell Pongo and Mimi. We are working on her name right now though.
She knows her first and last name.
She knows how to count to 15. 
She knows her colors and shapes, and likes to pick shapes out in the world and make them with her hands. 
She has been potty trained since shortly after 2, and she no longer has accidents in the bed. 
She is 32 lbs and in a size 4T. She is also off the charts in height, last time we checked she was 36 inches. 
She knows that Jesus lives in heaven and in her hawt. She also likes to say Dod is Dood.
She doesn't pronounce her G's. So Gideon is consequently Dideon 
She also can't say her Sh sounds. It's just an S.
She will eat almost anything (she hates corn), but she's spoiled and likes to be fed.
She has lots of friends and prays for them on her own from time to time. 
She has a vivid, wild imagination that makes us laugh all of the time! 
She has a great since of direction and almost always knows where we are at in town. 
She has a very strong will but a very soft heart to equalize. 
She loves to dress up and dance, but she equally loves playing in the dirt and playing ball. 
She's my favorite girl in all the world <3
Happy 2 1/2 to my Squiggy and to Daddy's Boo Boo Chicky. 
and thanks Gideon for letting her give you a tour of her doll house. 
Thank you for also functioning as her live baby doll.
Sorry about that spoon down your throat today though. 
We're lucky I was right there.
You're a real sport for your sister's sake ;)

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  1. ugh... growing up too fast! but it sounds like you're enjoying every moment!! :)