Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sit Still and Observe

I've got dinner in the crock pot, dishes in the dishwasher, floors vacuumed, and babies napping-oh PLUS I've already been to Target, gotten the mail, and got laundry going.
This afternoon I have to deliver a dinner, pick up an order, pick up my babysitter, and then I get to go to Crossroads Pregnancy Resource's Fall Gala where I've been instructed to dress in 'business cocktail'. I don't know if I'm capable of nailing that on the head, but I'ma come real close seeing as I've got my fingernails painted nnn stuff. Oh yea, and I'm planning on fixing my hair too... faaaancy!
Anyway... I don't have time to edit these pictures, but they're so many good ones I can't help but to share. 

Yesterday evening while we were enjoying our outside play time I made a few observations:

Observation #1:
I love baby booty. I really do.

Observation #2:
That baby booty wants to Go! Go! Go! and I'm pretty sure if I'd have let him, he'd keep pace with that tricycle.

Observation #3:
Although when he was a baby, I thought he might have brown hair like me, I think it's growing in strawberry blonde like his sister's.

Observation #4:
Maybe I shouldn't have gotten a pink tricycle. It looks fiiiiiiiiine on Addie, but sweet boyboy maybe would have preferred a cooler color in the future.

Observation #5:
Yea, he also probably would prefer a cooler toy. [Note, get more boy toys]

but while I watched these little feet pedal...
and these little feet wish they could pedal....

I just continually thank God that He's blessed me to borrow these little feet  and these little booties and these little smiles and these precious  little strawberry blonde hairs. While I love them so much, I know they're His, and I hope they grow up to serve and love Him all of their days!


  1. I love the one of Gideon on all 4's like he's doing push-ups!

  2. love the drool hanging out of gideon's mouth in that one picture! hehe!