Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Scarlet the Labradoodle

La La La Labradoodle.
I love saying that word.
 Scarlet came home yesterday! She's 8 weeks old and a very popular puppy in the Kebodeaux house.
She's quirky, cute, and already spoiled so she fits right in!
Her being here has been really fun so far, but there's a tender spot in my heart that really just misses my Gracie.
After Gracie died, I kept imagining and missing what it felt like just to run my fingers through her hair [yes, a dog... and yes......... I know I'm a little crazy].  So yea, it's nice to be able to have a little sweety pie to pet and love on when I'm not chasing babies who are now chasing the puppy.
Scarlet loves Gideon.
I think she thinks he's a puppy too, since he crawls and is on her level.
Scarlet fearfully loves Adeline.
and that basically just comes from Adeline overloving her.
Philip is smitten, and is already arguing with me over who Scarlet loves more so far, me or him.

and I'm busy toy dividing, puppy potty training, keeping Adeline from picking her up by the neck, stopping Gideon from opening his mouth so wide while she's kissing all over it, and in between snuggling with that cute little thing!
Through the 4 years of having Gracie, I told everyone I knew not to let your big dog puppy sleep in your bed... for the simple reason that it's all good and cute when they're puppies, but then they get to be full grown and cuddle with your husband in your spot, on your pillow, and you're left to beg for space.
So the plan was for Scarlet not to sleep in our bed....
but guess who slept on my head last night?
Mm hmmm......
and I can't lie to you and tell you I didn't love it!
That's okay, when she's full grown we'll just upgrade Adeline's toddler bed into a full size and she can have a bed mate :)


  1. She looks so different from all the original pictures you posted. Her hair is golden and beautiful. I'm so happy Adelina and Gideon have a puppy around. I know nothing will get Gracie back but Scarlet seems to be making a big impression already. Don't feel bad because my little puppy (probably should stop using that term since he's already a year old) sleeps between Jason and I ever night.

  2. Okay, so I said we'd never get another puppy or dog, but gosh it's hard to resist when you see something this cute! I agree with Sandi...her hair is gorgeous! I haven't even met her & I am so smitten over her. She is just perfect & fits right in already. Oh man, I think I want one!

  3. she is soooo cute! how fun for your kids to grow up right along with her!