Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm pretty sure  my blogging has probably been very uninteresting to anyone other than myself lately. I feel like my posts go on rambling about things of unimportance like hibernating nnnnn stuff.

That may be true, but it's my blog so I can do that. :)
Well, Gideon's pretty sick today. I just put the kids down for nap, and I'm giving it ten minutes until I attempt one too. Ten minutes will hopefully ensure no one will get up and out of bed and/or call me and they'll both just drift off to heavenly dreaming.  Brother's got a nasty cough though, and I heard him in his crib this morning trying to sleep though the coughs at 3am. I got up and rocked him holding him upright so he could sleep until 5:30, but then I didn't get to sleep. Soooo while I have a lot on my heart due to a lot of early morning sleep-deprived thinking and also just a lot on my heart in general I'll break up some of my thoughts and just lead this post with my amazement in God's work in me. 

A few nights ago I picked up my Bible like I do most nights and started to read. I've decided to commit to reading it in it's entirety this year, so I started fresh again in the New Testament and then hopefully I'll go back and read the Old Testament. So I think it was Monday? My feet up on the ottoman, my eye lids heavy, and my pajamas on. I was reading mostly at the time out of what I felt was obligation, so I was planning on just reading a chapter. Well, as the Bible often does it pulled me in with curiosity and amazement and awe of Jesus' life and one chapter turned into 6 and I ended in chapter 10. 

The next day someone called me and was speaking in reference to marriage and divorce and some false pretenses on the subject. My heart skipped a few beats because that was the very chapter in which Jesus was discussing marriage and divorce that I closed my bible after reading last night. I shared everything I had read with the person I was speaking to and was silently impressed with my recall of what I read so late at night while so tired. I mean it doesn't get any more real that what Jesus himself says, and I got to share that with someone. I don't know if what I read was received, but I know that day through that phone call God used me. 

I felt so blessed and so important. I love when His purposes are revealed so boldly. I felt so enlightened and so proud to be a child of God. It was super exciting, and it makes me even more passionate about arming  myself and my children with the Word for this world.

I often write privately about more personal issues, and it's sometimes a line I revisit often about what I want to share publicly on this blog and what I will continue to write about privately.
When people ask my why I blog this is usually what I say.
1. I'm a journaling nerd. 
2. I don't have time to upkeep scrapbooks so it's easiest and often most convenient to upload some photos and content on a certain milestone or topic I want to remember.
3. I've found a great deal of comfort from others who pour out their hearts for those who need someone to relate to, so why not offer up the same in return?
4. I have so much to share!

So if I wanted you to take anything from this particular post, maybe it'd be that I believe there aren't coincidences. I believe that when you allow our Savior into your heart and life and you open up yourself to His will, that he uses you. He uses us. 
and it's so incredible!

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