Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Sweet Sunday

Today was so awesome! 
For most of the day I didn't even remember I was pregnant, which pretty much means I felt as close to normal feeling as when... well I'm not pregnant. WHICH IS SUPER!
It was really cool, I was hardly nauseous and I got to enjoy much of God's precious people, and air, and grace today. Good Sunday!
[Ooo My Peppermint Amarilos bloomed!]
We had a busy morning out and about and I was so impressed and stoked about it I decided to take the kids out to play this evening. The weather was perfect with overcast and a slight wind so it felt really awesome! 
[I do love a Dandelion]
A major event went down on our outing which prompted the big camera to come out.
I'm talking roller skates. 
My sister got Adeline some for her birthday last month. 
My heart sank to my toes when she unwrapped them. I didn't even realize they made roller skates for THREE year olds. Sure enough.
 Good thing Heidi got her a helmet too. 
So after some getting used to around the living room floor for a couple of weeks we promised her after nap time we'd take her outside to give them a whirl in the driveway. 
She did pretty well. The skates have 3 stages and we set them to stage 1 where they lock when the skate stops or tries to back wheel. I'm sure that's why they were even functional on her feet. 
Gideon was kind of jealous. 
He normally really really envies her bike riding.
Oh how he longs to ride a bike. 
This new wheels on her feet thing were intriguing to him, so I just gave him a basket of plastic eggs and his push train to distract him from chasing her. 
 So yea, we had a pretty nice evening outside. It's nice to get some fresh air since we've been stuffed inside for the passed couple of months. I'm happy to be feeling better, and I'm sure the kids are too. 
 Oh hey there big ole 4month baby 3 bump. 
Praise God for these joyful blessings he's given me to cuddle, love, and borrow, and I thank him for days like today when I feel His presence amidst the giggles, squeals, and the speedy moments that pass so quickly.


  1. I have been praying that you are feeling better this time around and so happy you were able to spend a day doing the things you love with the kids! They are just so darn adorable and Adeline makes the funniest faces they could put a smile on anyone's face!

  2. Ok, first of all...Gideon is practically a man, all walking around and stuff. 4 months already!? Geez time is going by fast!I'm so glad you had a great day. I'll keep praying for you to have many more of those!

  3. your littles are so cute!
    adorable baby bump, too.
    hope you're feeling well, dear! <3

  4. i love that pic of adeline making a funny face while on her skates! too funny! i didn't know they made skates for that age either!! looks like fun!!
    glad you were feeling good!