Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lace Up Cards

We recently joined a community homeschooling group, and one of the moms is organizing a busy bag swap for 3-4 year olds. I didn't know what a busy bag was so I turned to Pinterest which had a bunch of fun ideas for a busy bag. [Go there now and search it!]

I found this pinned and decided to go with "Lacing Cards". 
I remember my kindergarten classroom had a toy box full of good stuff, but I'd always sift through for a beaten up Cinderella and Ariel lacing card. It made me feel like a grown up just sitting there sewing on Ariel's red hair.

So last night we stayed up (like til 10 people), and made us (and 10 other kids) some lacing cards, or as Adeline says lace up cards. 
I think there are various was to make these, but I went with what was easiest for me. 
-I used my Cricut to cut out shapes 8-10inches on a thick metallic card stock. 
I think you could really use any paper, but I wanted to make sure to make these durable and long lasting.
-I borrowed my mother in law's laminater and decided to laminate the cards just to ensure durability.
-Cut around the shapes leaving a little bit of the laminate to make sure it stays sealed.
-Used a hole puncher to punch the holes
-and we laced those puppies up.
The only thing I had to purchase for this project was the shoe laces, which I got here
I read some people used yarn, but I figured for 3 and 4 year olds the little hardened tip of a shoe lace would be helpful. Now that I think about it pipe cleaners would work well for a smaller card too!
There are a lot of really cute and easy variations of this DIY preschool project out there. 
I saw some people used foam instead of paper. 
Some people used print outs.
Some used a needle and thread for older children.
Some used number and letter templates.
and some skipped the DIY all together and bought some lacing card kits.

In the end this project just cost me under $15.00 which was the cost of the laces and the zip lock bags for the busy bag exchange (so enough cards for 11 children). I had everything else on hand which really helped keep down the cost. 

The reviews from my 3 year old are as follows:
"This is my project, it's not for babies."
and "The dog is my favorite because I really like pups and cats."

Her lacing skills need some work.
This one she did all by herself! I haven't really pressured her to "do it right" or my way or whatever because she really seems to keep busy and quiet doing her own thing. Works for me.
Develop your fine motor skills, kid.

So yea, I thought it was a cool, fun little DIY, and it's easy to make with things you have on hand! 
Just wanted to share! Have a blessed day ya'll!


  1. I have been wanting that cartridge because it looks so cute! Love the ideas of doing motor skill things with children. My nannie use to make her daughter pluck pieces of rice with tweezers out of a bowl when she was like 1 1/2 to improve motor skills. I always thought it was a little strange but I tell you those kids are so darn smart now!

    1. haha I like how you said "make her daughter" I imagined a grumpy girl being punished by rice grains and tweezers! lol!!!

  2. Those are really cool! Great idea!