Monday, April 23, 2012

My Weekend

I feel like my weekend could have been diagnosed with a firm "crazy".
Not because it was hectic, or busy.... but
mostly because I feel crazy.
I've been known to be hormonal, but this pregnancy the ugly cry along with flaming irrational emotions really make an appearance as often as a snowball does around here lately.
(and that's semi-often).
I<3U late night strawberry cheesecake snowball!
Friday morning I woke up so angry and upset and I felt like my soul was disturbed.
I paced the bed while Philip slept in until 9:00, when I finally couldn't take it anymore and made him wake up to his crazy crying wife.
I said my piece.
I cried a river.
Then I excused myself and went to Starbucks where I through sniffles and snot ordered a grande decaf mocha frappicino. Then I enjoyed it. Slowly.
While I did that I just prayed and asked the Lord to show me His goodness when I get irrational and messy with my hormones. I prayed for His peace to overtake my jumbled, crazy mind.
I prayed for a weekend full of substance and His presence, and ya'll He is so good. That's exactly what my weekend was. 
Give ear to my words, O LORD, Consider my meditation. Give heed to the voice of my cry, My King and my God, For to You I will pray.Psalms 5:1-2
 The days were a little slower. Not slow enough for time checking, but slow enough to recognize Adeline run across the yard with turtle in hand and think of how strange it will be one day to see her without her handy partner in tow.
 Slow enough to watch the genuine amazement in my son's eyes every time his daddy stopped to teach him something new.
 I'm normally not a patient person, but with these slow moments opening up the grace of God in this world and in our hearts, I was feeling the slow.
This life is such a gift! 

Cast your cares on Him, He cares about every detail. I Peter 5:7


  1. aside from those hormones, I'd say your weekend turned out to be pretty incredible. But then again, when God is working on our hearts wonderful things happen :)

    When I saw that first picture of you and your pup on instagram I had to do a double take. He got so BIG!

    1. Really it was. You're so right!

      I'm glad you said that! I was thinking she hadn't grown at all. I guess since I'm around her all day, it's harder for me to see. :)