Friday, June 22, 2012

A Sweet Spontaneous Summer Day

Philip and I were talking last night about how August is bringing a lot of transitioning for us as a family, but more importantly the kids.

Adeline is very much like me in the fact that she thrives in routine, prefers organization, and gets anxious when things aren't normal.
Philip and Gideon seem to be very opposite of us in that in the fact that spontaneity seems to bring them much more happiness and freedom than a schedule, plans, or routine. 

I know I struggle sometimes when things don't go how I thought they would in my head or when I'm out of my comfort zone, but I also know that some of my happiest moments came from out of no where. Nothing that I could have planned or controlled just spontaneous happiness free flowing in whatever form God willed it.

Last night in talking about how we will have to give the kids some extra grace, reassurance, and love during a month where a new sibling will be in the spotlight along with a couple of new places, programs, and activities for Addie. We are also suspecting our soft-hearted, cuddly, Momma's boy may have a rough time sharing some cuddles with a new little sister who will probably be in my arms a little more than he may be. Simple and common problems when adding a little change to a family, I'm sure, but just something we want to be sensitive to.

I hung up the phone with tears in my eyes and a heavy burden on my heart, so I just prayed it all away until my words faded off somewhere into sleep and dream. I prayed something I don't pray often, but should be prayed daily. I asked God for HIS will to be done in our lives. I relinquished control and my way to His way and complete contentment in it. I prayed for ease and peace through finding and fine-tuning what will soon be our new normal.

So this morning I made a really conscious effort to let go of some normals and do whatever it was came up. I prayed to let God's will control my day, and that it was filled with His glory.

and as usual. He showed up!
 We made a peach pie, and delivered it to someone we hadn't seen in a very long time.
 We brought the kids new tent/club house out from the living room into the back yard with [gasp] 90 degree heat, bugs, and grass long enough to be eerie about creatures lurking.
 Adeline wore her milk mustache/beard, and Gideon swiped my decaf frappe that I drove all the way to Thibodaux for after the kids woke up.
and when Adeline asked me if she could pick a flower for daddy, I told her she could pick a few.
 I can admit that it really bothered me that she insisted on putting these in water in her bucket. (Isn't that ridiculous?!!) I even told her no because flowers go in a vase or a jar inside on the table with water, but I momentarily revoked the veto since flowers really don't go anywhere except where ya want them, and the green castle bucket was fine.
Even though I was really ready to go inside and wanted to avoid swollen frisbee feet this evening, I decided the requested wagon ride would be fine too, and besides I had my camera already so I could take cute pictures. Bonus!

Right. Well while I watched brother wrestle with the wagon and so badly wish he were bigger
I turned to see why sister was quiet which was because of:
 which led to this:
 .....which is so wrong because YOU GUYS you don't play in the water hose in your clothes! You have to have swimsuits on to get wet!
 ....but I guess that's not really true either.
and I felt so content and my heart was so full as the day's moments went by uniquely--slowly today.
One by one and not a one on a check list or mapped out in my head.
I watched kindred spirits laugh and enjoy little things that are hard to notice in a mundane routine.

It was a really nice day, and I really needed that.


  1. I love all the pictures of your kiddos! How fun!

  2. I need days like this... my husband is the structured type... and since Eloise was born, he has gotten me away from my free-style way of life and into his structure... sometime I need spontaneous!

    I love that your kids laid down in the water! Pefect!

    1. Of course that was Gideon's idea. His uptight sister enjoyed joining him though! :)