Friday, July 6, 2012

Quickie, grainy update.

Want to see what's been going on in my world via iphone photos?
Ooooo'course ya do.

 A little bit of stomach contortion-ism via a busy little Selah.
 Some fancy water play on a hot day with the good ole hose pipe.
 Buncha naps, buncha reading, buncha Word poured through my mind and straight into my heart.
 Sleep creepin on the cutest sleeping babies you'll ever watch.
 Vacuuming all kinds of fancy.
 Stupid, expensive, time consuming, still broken sewer treatment plant.
 Cutest boy boy in the world, and endless domino rows.
 Gideon's first trip to the aquarium, and
 a photo booth picture with a sea otter for $5.
 aaaaaand a bunch of mommy/daddy hide outs in here.
Getting ready for Selah time!
I preadmit Monday!
We are going for a natural, non-medicated delivery!
and. I. can't. wait. 

We're off for our couple's bible study tonight, and we're celebrating our wedding anniversary tomorrow. It'll be a good weekend, as daddy's last weekends home always are. 
Love love to you.


  1. Best wishes with your delivery!!! How exciting. Can't wait to see photos of sweet Selah Grace!

    1. Thanks Caroline!! I get to see her on ultrasound tomorrow, I can't wait!

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