Thursday, August 27, 2015

Selah Turns 3

 Three years ago today during a hurricane to our coast, this ray of pink and purple hazed sunlight was born.
 You might think the sweetest things about her is her love for baby dolls, princesses, make up, and pretty shoes because she is all girl all the time by complete nature of her sparkly heart, but the sweetest thing about this Selah girl is her gentle love for this life.

There's a space in her daddy's heart reserved just for her, and she has this baby-girl type intuition as to when it's needing some loving. If his arms are empty and his lap is vacant you can find a little Tater Tot and probably a baby doll crawling up and nestling right in the place she's claimed as hers. Don't ever stop.

She is so intuitive that she can choose the moment I think I'm secretly on verge of a breakdown to offer to brush my hair, which is a God-given gift of its own, because thank you Jesus that you gave me a girl who loves to brush my hair. Thank you.

If her big brother and sister are bickering or wrestling or playing rough of any sort she's on the side begging them to stop and be soft, pleading for resolution or peace. You make all the difference.

If her little brother is squirming or fussing to escape a diaper change, shes right above him stroking his hair line, and quietly singing her ABC's in his ear. Sing every day.

She's got such a sweet and gentle spirit that we all adore, and although I hope her years are slow, steady, and sweet, I can't wait to see the impact she makes to nurture this world and it's people.

Baby girl you are so loved. Happy Birthday!

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