Monday, September 1, 2008

Feeling Better

Yesterday was one of those days where I couldn't keep down any food or water-- all day.
Those days are pretty rough, but today I feel a little bit better, which I'm glad for because I was starting to worry about taking a trip to the hospital for some fluids.

I think my nerves are a little more at ease too. Gustav is hitting home right now at a category 2, but for some reason I feel a lot better about it than I did before. Evacuating was still the right thing to do for me because I wouldn't have been able to handle no electricity even for a day or two. Normally I'd be whimpy, but I'd make it. This whole pregnant thing has me getting sick with the slightest temperature rising.

Mrs. Karen, Mr. Guy, Gracie, and Sumo are on their way up here. I'm pretty happy about that. I like everyone to be together! Heidi, Terry, and Dad are in ElPaso, and Mom is in Gonzales, which I haven't been happy about. It's not like my mother to not be with the rest of the family, so that worries me.

I've been having over-compulsive worry issues lately though. When I close my eyes at night I've been seeing our house under water, my parents in two different states, Mr. Guy and Mrs. Karen in a camper in the raging wind, and my trouble-making baby flipping around in here with probably too little nutrients. Not to mention my grandma, I think about her constantly. Last night I dreamed she was even normal again. She was giving opinions and gossiping and complimenting me just like we used to do. She's just always been the icon for family to me. It's sad to see her going, she was really my only constant source of family growing up.

Dawn is all the way in Opelousas which I've been worrying about too since it's so close to the storm track. I think they'll be okay though, but I'm dying to call her to get some of whats been going on out. I've got a lot to tell her, and she's usually the only one who listens and gives rational feedback. I hope I get to talk to her before I decide I need to get things out to someone else around here. I don't want to over step any boundries, hurt any feelings, or pinch any nerves so I'm trying to do what I usually don't do best--keep my mouth shut.
Don't get me wrong, Philip quite often gets an earful, but most times he really doesn't care whats going on. He's just that type of person to let things roll off of his shoulders. I wish I were more like that.

Last night I started to watch Monsters Inc. It was pretty good with the exception of ten minute interval interuptions due to my extremely unsettled stomach. I watched that movie a few years ago with Hayden, but I have the worst memory in the history of memories so I can watch older movies because they are always new to me.

Baby girl or baby boy has been wiggling around quite a bit around here. I have an appointment next Monday to see the anatomy and placenta. I'm hoping everything back home will be opened by then, but I won't count on it.

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