Friday, September 5, 2008


We made it home yesterday evening.
The damage around town is really sad, but amazingly enough our house is practically untouched.
The wind pulled our trees out of the yard and our whirly birds on the roof off, but other than that the house made it through perfectly.
I am really thankful it did though, because I can only take so much at one time.

It's amazing though, I would have loved to have been here through the storm though. Mrs. Karen's house was probably hit by a tornado though. She's missing a great number of her shingles, siding, sophet, bird houses, and tress. Philip and I really dodged a bullet because her house has a lot of damage.

We lost everything in our freezer and refrigerator, which was totaled up to be about $400 in food. I called to make an insurance claim on our damage so I'm going to see if they'll pay for the food loss, gas, and even the generator we got.
I really hope they will because Philip may be out of work for a while which we really can't afford right now.

The car insurance is up in a week or two, so I have to figure out how I'm going to add that to the monthly bills. Not to mention our newest two from Thibodaux Regional when I went in for dehydration and for the couch we bought last month. Gracie needs a trip to the vet, I need a trip to the dentist, and Philip's truck is on it's last life. I'm afraid I'll be working pretty soon, which wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so sick.
A lot of people have it a lot worse though, so we'll be okay.

Mrs. Karen gave me a Family Foundations Study Bible to read through. I think I'll have to start working on that, because I have so much to deal with I am finding my sleep, health, and mentality worsening as the stress keeps piling on. Something's got to give, and unfortunately I think the worse is yet to come.

My parents are going through some problems, and it's difficult for me to even grasp the concept of that. My mom hasn't been her self for nearly three years now, which has consistently worried me, but I don't know if my dad is strong enough to get through his struggles and depression without my mother's help and support. I know she's on her last rope though. I guess I have no need to get into the ligistics of it all especially since it's hard enough just to hear about it none the less think about it and talk about it. I'm just worried about Terry. He's at such a vunerable age I hope nothing that is going on with my parents effects him. I want to jump in and save everyone and cousel things how I think they should go, but truth be told I don't have the energy nor the frame of mind to do any of that right now.

I just finished working on some school work, Nicholls isn't back up and running, but they are trying to resume classes online. I am hoping they go through with that because I really need to graduate and start teaching asap. Philip's salary is slowly ceasing to cut it. I'm enjoying my education classes though. I am a lot of the information to be a foundation for my parenting-especially in my child pshycology class.

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