Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Go to my room.

I love my room--
not just because I spend a lot of time in it, but because I really love the room.

It's my favorite out of the whole house.
It's unique and airy which makes it an idea place to just sit and stare at the ceiling, which is by the way painted two different shades of blue and its a tray ceiling.
The hardwood floors in there are my favorite in the whole house, and I picked them out and fell in love with them myself.

It's a room with no clutter, and sharp but soft lines.

I'm always relaxed when I'm in my room.

Except when its too messy, which was only that way over the summer when I was really really sick and bedridden.

I'm a fool for the white sheets and bedding since my black Labradoodle sheds like crazy, but I love it.

My room is my safe place, my thinking place, and my sleepy place.

If I never had to leave it, I don't think I would.

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