Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yea, it is only August--the end of August to be fair, but I'm a think ahead kinda lady, and I have a plan this year.
EVERY year I say "We're only going to buy for the kids."
but I NEVER only buy for the kids.
Last year we gave gifts to 23 people which was all family, one friend.
That's going to have to be cut down to only the little ones this year because now I have a little one myself to make sure her first Christmas is beyond magical.
She won't know any better, but I will. Plus she deserves it.
So. Here goes.
23 is being cut to 7 for Christmas.
I feel bad doing it, but it has to be done.
I most certainly can't wait for gift giving THIS Christmas because I plan on making a lot of the gifts.
I hope these mommies appreciate from the heart gifts as much as I do.
We'll see, either way I'll for SURE enjoy this Christmas.
BIG plans.
I'm so excited.
124 Days
16 Hours
3 Minutes
until the day!

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