Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nap time

I find my house feels a little neglected when I get on these project kicks.
I do this from time to time.
I feel the need to revamp everything around me, then I try and either get frustrated with the lack of organization or frustrated with results.
Yea, did I mention I don't do change very well?
I don't.
Which doesn't yield very effective results when I'm on my redo kick.
For example, take Adeline's room.
I've always enjoyed the simplicity and crisp clean lines in the room.
It's plain, but it's clean and fresh looking, which I like.
After looking at so many incredible nurseries here I was inspired to at least add a little pizazz to her room. My first inclination was to go sea turtle in the room.
Haha, she's attached to this stuffed sea turtle she spotted in the aquarium gift shop this summer.
So I thought about doing her room in an array of teal, turqoiuse, and lime.
I couldn't bring myself to do it.
So I chickened out and went all girly on it. Just so I wouldn't have to do anything too drastic.

Yea, let's just say I don't love it.
I've never been the frou frou flower and hearts kind of girl, but I really didn't know what else to do on the purple walls [that I can't seem to part with right now]. Plus I'd never really freehanded paint without an outline.
So I guess we'll wait around until she finds something she loves and she's old enough to tell me how she wants her room. That will solve a lot of my discomfort... maybe.

We'll see next time I'm on one of my kicks.

I was half way satisfied with this though.
I made it for Philip's cousin's rainforest nursery.
and Adeline did a little piece of her own this week at Lacey's. Her first:

She did it with her feet. I'll hang it in our bedroom when Philip get's the right hardware for it. I want to put all of our babies art work on our bedroom walls.

Sooo over the painting for now, and on to a number/animal book for Adeline.
I think it will take me a good while since I can only ever do anything during Addie's naps (which sometimes don't last long enough). Plus i want to do everything buy hand. Soooo... this is what I have so far...

Nothing very special at all, but I've got big plans. It might take a couple of months, but I'm excited about this one. No templates, no cut outs, no help. Just me.
Yea that's promising, haha.


  1. Looks like you got a lot accomplished! I love that Colby painting! You're so talented! Also, I love your daughter's first painting! How sweet!

  2. Courtney, awesome! Thank you. Congratulations on your little Squiggles. Aren't little squirmy wormies awesome!? :)

    So, your married to a carpenter? Maybe he could be a Q&A source 'cause I got lots and lots of questions. We also have to replace some window sills in our house and well, you don't happen to live in Richmond Va do you? I guess not. Louisiana is a bit far. LOL

    I love the flower next to the changing table. Awesome.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for the visit. Your little girl is cute. :) I like her hair bow holder on the wall!! Very unique. :) Always fun to meet another SYTYCD fan. :)