Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homemade Baby Food

A lot of people are really curious when they find out you can just make you're baby's food rather than buy jarred baby food.
To me it's rather simple considering it's
1. healthier and fresher and 2. cost efficient

I've gotten
"Are you sure you told your pediatrician you're doing that?"
"and that's alright to give her?"
"So you just don't give her 'normal' baby food out of the jar?"

Ya'll--I assure you...
mashing a banana with a fork and feeding it to your baby (solid ready of course) is completely SAFE and actually better for him/her than jarred/processed food.

I think making baby food can really be good for anyone, working mom's included. I like to hit up Sams for fresh fruit/veggies in bulk, and make a whole day (or weekend) out of baking/steaming/pureeing, freezing, and stocking up my freezer.

So I just wanted to put the process out there for anyone curious.
It's really simple.

Wash your produce.
Steam: (Steaming keeps the most nutrients in compared to other cooking methods, but baking is also okay)

and freeze into ice cube trays covered with aluminum or plastic wrap.
Each cube is about an ounce, so you can portion what your baby eats at a feeding.

It's as simple as that.
I've found this website very helpful for recipes and such with home made baby food:


  1. This looks so tasty! What type of fruit is that?

  2. I make my own baby food too. As you say, it's super-easy and much healthier.