Friday, August 7, 2009

Crumby Evening

I'm really quite aggravated right now.
I guess I shouldn't blog about it though. I want to remember the good--not bad.
BUT since I really have no one to complain to... guess I willlll

Let me start off with saying that I have been doing my best at avoiding the runny nose germs I've been seeing. I mean every where we go and everyone we encounter lately seems to be leaking green snot out of his or her nose. I was priding myself in the diligent task of hand-washing, sanitizing, and keeping to ourselves.
I seem to have a little sniffle appearing, and low and behold I felt like I was moving mountains by avoiding Adeline's contact with these germs when low and behold I notice my (already extremely cranky) daughter had a little leak.
She's never been sick, and in the morning I better see no sign of it.

next: i have a slew of projects lined up that I couldn't wait to get started. I guess I was a little over eager to hear about a 50% scrapbooking sale on payday. I feel so foolish for spending money I know should have gone elsewhere. Like my gigantic student loan, or enormous medical debt.... or on and on an on.

I invited some 'friends' over to scrapbook with me tonight, even though no one showed up or even decided to accept nor decline my offer.
So that left my by myself, already aggravated after coming home to realize that Gracie puked on my rug, Philip scorched my table in several spots, and Adeline refused to go to bed but was too cranky to be awake.

First task on the lsit" Pacifier clips:
after 20 minutes of trying to figure out snap sets I finally got one assembled only to CUT THE CLIP RIGHT OFF!!!
What was I thinking?
No idea?

Started over. Sliced my thumb clean open.

Now all I feel like doing is going to sleep.
and I wont' get another chance to work on anything until tomorrow night.


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  1. uummm, hello!!! I would've shown up! I never turn down a reason to scrap. haha.