Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brusha Brusha Brusha

My baby has toofies.
2 teeth, that is.

Her daddy snapped some pictures of her first toothbrushing experience.

Yea it's pretty horrifying.
Not my baby of course-- ME.
I had a combination of mushy puffs, bath water, drool, and only God knows what else on my shirt.
Plus I just look disgusting.

Time for an intervention, self.
That means I should part with ice cream, consider make up, an occasionally brush my hair.
Yea I'm going to work on that.

But my baby--she needs nothing because she's PERFECT!
I actually bought 12 month sleepers for her.
That's like a 1 year old size.
I have a baby. Not a one year old.
But soon I'll have a one year old.
Scary, it's all very scary.
I just had her yesterday, you know.

Well I had so much fun making her blocks I made another set.
I actually like these better than her distressed ones.
I like a little color, ya think?

I have some more pictures of this set on my etsy account.
I'm new to etsy, but I'm planning/hoping to have some success with it.
If nothing else, I have some super great gifts with a whole lot of love put into 'um.
We'll seee!


  1. Woo! I have been dying to comment on your blogs so I just created an account so I can do so! ;)

    Her first tooth! That's so sweet that you guys took pictures. Sweet, sweet!

    I LOVE the blocks! I prefer the antique, distressed set myself but both are amazingly, super cute. I have your Etsy shop as a favorite of mine & am checking it out everyday!

  2. lol aww thanks Trish!
    You're always so loyal to my blogging, hehe.
    You should... BLOG!! on that account!

  3. Aaaawwww! First teeth are ssoooo cute! Thanks for the congrats!