Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Tomorrow

Okay so the Kebodeaux household is ready for you fall:
Feel free to bring cooler weather!

I made these Thanksgiving blocks over the weekend.
I have a couple of sets done and on my etsy.
www.CourtneyKeb.etsy.comPumpkin's on my newly revamped table.

I scored these glass pumpkins at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago for 50% off.
That made them $7 a piece, I think.
Got to have some autumn garland on the mantle.
This is my kitchen corner. Adeline's piggy reminds all guests to spare some change for a pretty little girl. A ghost plate my sister got for $.25 after Halloween a couple of years ago is a good gadget dish. (My husband is always losing his lawnmower key, ipod charger, and whatever else is in there). and I made that pumpkin a couple of years ago.
Another set of blocks next to a picture of my daughter eating solids for the first time and a little leaf pumpkin that I got at Michaels for probably $.50 after the holidays last year.
I'd rather fall decor than Halloween decor, but I couldn't resist a sale on these little cuties for my hallway mirror last year.
Fall arrangement next to my door.
and this is my favorite wreath! I made it last year while I was pregnant, and it is probably the best one I've ever done.
If it were appropriate to hang it year round, I probably would.

So all we're missin' here in South Louisiana is some cool weather.
Cmon, I'll take lower 70s!

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  1. LOve all your stuff! The blocks are very cute.

    Thank you for joining the RW Wreath party! I really like the yellow roses in your wreath!

  2. Your home looks so pretty! I love fall decor and your blocks are so cute! Great job!

    Thanks for adding your fall inspiration to the Fall Festival!


  3. your blocks look great..i also love the bright colors of the alphabet blocks you made in an earlier post...super cute! the glass pumpkins caught me eye too!

  4. Love the blocks you made - very cute! All your fall decorations look beautiful!


  5. Everything is just beautiful. Wish I could just sit and enjoy it all right there!

  6. Beautiful fall decorations...just need a cup of cider and a cool breeze! Love the roses in your wreath. Very pretty!

  7. I love the blocks; so cute! Thanks for participating in Made it Mondays.

  8. Love your decorations. Blocks are absolutely adorable.

  9. The blocks are great. You have really set the modd for fall. But what really captivates me, and is just beautiful, is your header. That is the sweetest picture. Pure, simple and true.


  10. I hear ya about the need for some cooler weather, I'm in north LA, so I feel your pain!

    Your decorations are fabulous, thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Courtney. Great looking decorations for fall and Halloween. I like tame halloween decorations too...big smile. And if it is on sale that is even a bigger plus! What a great blog and sweet pictures, I loved them.
    I'll take cooler weather too!

  12. I love your fall decor! Every part looks so good! And that photo of your baby next to the "give thanks" blocks looks precious! :)

  13. Love the blocks... everything looks so festive.

  14. I also love your blocks. Your table also looks great. I am new to your blog and have enjoyed looking have great projects!
    Crystal (Crystal's Craft Spot)

  15. Those blocks are too cute! Nice job. Happy Fall!

  16. I'm with Ashley... LOVING your blocks...sooo cute! Way to go!

  17. Look how fallish you are!!! I love the blocks!

    I have a room a month linky party going, check it out:

  18. So cute! Your blocks are adorable!

  19. The blocks are adorable and I love the way you used the pillar for you arrangement!


  20. Your fall decorating looks amazing - your blocks are sweet.