Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Oh  my. I just can't get over them.

My untilnowalwaysbarefoot daugher now has a shoe collection.
It all started with Old Navy.... and then the Baby Place.
I'm telling you they really have to stop making me sign up for credit cards.
I am sad to say not one of these pair were on sale.
Yes, you read right.
I bought something (shoes even) and they were not on sale.
I have a problem.

People are really going to start believing that she's not my kid... I mean she's always so dolled up... and well I'm......I'll use my word...  frumpy.
There was a day where I enjoyed shoes for myself.
But oh it's so cute on her.

[A boy would have saved me so much more money.]

haha, I do understand this photo is laughable.
If you were sitting at the bar with me watching her though you would have been laughing.
Once she realized the boots made noise on the carpet when she kicked--she wouldn't stop kicking.
Now ready for an even funnier picture?

the boots came in today
and today Adeline was acting AWFUL seeing as she's teethin' somethin' awful right now.
She hates changing her clothes [yea, believe it].
So these puppies were tried on in the outfit chosen this morning.
So yes, she's wearing brown and creame boots, with green and black leg warmers, and a white and gray onesie. We normally match better.
Just picture them with her new brown peacoat [that I dared not even attempt to try on today] for the winter.
Oh Old Navy, go ahead and stop the advertisement emails too.


  1. Oh yes, Old Navy has the best clothes for the kiddies - and mamas too! Probably 75% of Jack's 12 month or older clothing collection is Old Navy. I caught a big sale last Christmas. Please, oh please call me next time you go!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. As for your daughter's outfit, I love funky and just figured that was on purpose. Seriously you should see some of the stuff I come up with. Love Old Navy.

  3. What a little sweetie - it is no wonder you can't resist the shoes - everything looks so much cuter in small sizes.