Monday, November 2, 2009


It's here!
My favorite month out of the whole year!
This is where it all starts.
The air turns crisp and cool. The smell of a faint fire tickles my nose when I let the dog outside. Christmas decorations drape in department stores and carols are on every station. Turkeys are on every grocery meat department end cap, and holiday baking is unstoppable.

This is the November of Novembers.
I'm talking the most important November in my history.

Adeline, I have so much to show you!

As soon as this craft show is under my belt the Christmas decorations are coming DOWN and going UP!
[Meaning my house is going to be an early Christmas wonderland.]
Philip won't allow  the lights until Thanksgiving night or the day after because he doesn't want the neighbors to know how silly we I am.

Now what's in this bloggie's future?
Recipes of sweet goodness that I'll be baking up.
Notice I said baking.
Why is it that I can bake a fabulous and fancy cake, cookies, muffins, brownies or any other sweet treat you could imagine--BUT I'm a fool when it comes to cooking. Like seriously--Thank God Philip can cook!
I mean I try, but as long as we're all being honest here I'll go ahead and tell you that I'm an awful cook.
Some of you may not believe me seeing as how I make every gathering with a dish home cooked--but notice it's usually always baked.

Oh yea. Back to my point[s]. November.
Mmm November.
November blogging:
Expect the usual amount of obnoxious pictures/stories/bragging about my beautiful daughter--of course.
-Christmas crafty projects
-Christmas house decorating dilemmas
-Homemade Christmas gift ideas
and most importantly
-Giving Thanks


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