Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Wreath Revamp

I like making wreaths!
To me it's one of those things, you just can't mess up.
You position things on the wreath until you're happy with them and then it's all on your trusty hot glue gun.
This was my wreath last year:

Yea, I know it doesn't even look remotely pretty.
See I was striving for a "country wreath" look.
The little green, red, and white bulbs are on a light strand and need to be plugged in to light up. Also another big downer.

So thanks to a 50% off sale on flowers at Hobby Lobby this wreath got a face lift.

It has 3 things that I love!
1. Hydrangeas
2. Glitter and shiny stuffffff
3. Christmas colors


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