Friday, November 20, 2009

Never happier for a weeks end.

It's been a rough week.
Baby's teething, and on top of that she's caught some type of head cold again and has been miserable. It was just a stuffy nose, but she sucks her thumb. So you can just imagine what two days and nights have been without her being able to comfortably suck her thumb.

Let me just put it this way: That girl can scream.

She's been testing the waters lately.
For example:
I wear glasses. She is not allowed to have them.
She really wants them. Bad.
If you tell my daughter "no".
You will instantly be given a colossal sized temper tantrum complete with tears and loud shrieks.

Yea, did I mention she's only 9 months old?
Don't bother telling me there are worse to come because I already know.

So combine testing the waters, with teething, a stuffy nose, and not being able to suck her thumb.
and you should believe me when I tell you I've had a rough week.
Nothing to fret though. I'm awesome at rough weeks.
(This is where I brag about my super mom/housewife skills.)
With a baby attached either to my hip or leg I managed to have dinner ready for Philip each day when he got  home.
Laundry has been done. Kitchen and floors have stayed clean--and get this.
I've done the dishes before bedtime every night!
(I despise hate doing dishes.)
Adeline has gotten a load of hugs and kisses and rocking this week, but the fits have been inevitable. She has found her voice and boy does she use it. She woke up today hoarse probably from the 1 hour and 55 minute fit she threw yesterday because she didn't want to be put down but didn't want me to hold her either.


aaaand I also got bit by a dog this week.
Tuesday morning I looked at the clock hoping and praying that the day was at least half over... and it was 9:09, which prompted me to get out of the house and take a walk.
A dog bite, police report, ambulance, tetanus shot, and antibiotic later.... my calf is blue and purple and a dog is in the pound.

So. Today I'm happy it's Friday.
This weekend I have a bunch of projects planned. Along with some outside gardening and cleaning in prep for Christmas lights.
Thursday's Thanksgiving you know.

Oh yea,
I also have some new frames in my shop.

Have a nice weekend ya'll!


  1. That's one hell of a week. I wish I could say the same about having supper cooked and dishes cleaned. I went on strike this week - I call it my very own little vacation. Next week, back to work. Yuck. :( Philip and Adeline are lucky to have such a great lady!

    That sounds excellent! Smart woman, you are!

    Thanks for being sweet!!!